LFA TV is a network of individuals with colorful and unique ways of delivering what is really going on in the sociopolitical environment of the United States of America. LFA TV is the powerful, loud, and populist trendsetting result of what has risen from the ashes in the wake of the death of “Main Stream Media”. In a culture full of woke corporations and individuals who want to silence or outspend their opposition into non-existence, American Mothers, Fathers, workers, taxpaying, God fearing patriots stood up and said, “enough is enough!” On November 4th 2020, we all decided that we had to reign in these corrupt politicians from ground up and WE THE PEOPLE started winning school board positions, city councils, county commissioners, precinct committee seats, state representatives, secretary of state positions, attorneys general offices and more! This is what should have always happened in America but the corruption in tandem with the media has created a society in which people are “too busy” to get involved or just fear the process of being attacked as an individual and a family by people who don’t like what you stand for. Those days are over and we here at LFA TV will be here to cover all of that and much more and get involved in the process ourselves if and when we have to! The time for the truth has come. Tomorrow starts now!